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Menu Options for Team Building Experiences

For groups as small as 2, as large as 1000.

Increase employee and team engagement with an event that they will remember! Nothing brings people from all over the world together like good food and laughs.


At Home Ec (previously known as Fēst Cooking), we can provide an upscale cooking experience with our expert chefs who can guide guests with all levels of cooking experience to create a delicious and memorable dish. We have a wide variety of menu options and can offer a class that will excite your whole team along with the ease of having the ingredients delivered.

Invest in your employee’s mental health, by rewarding them with a fun cooking experience, which can be a refreshing change from conventional corporate meet and greets.

Check out reviews like this and more on Google:


Our company set up a team building event with Home Ec (previously known as Fēst Cooking) Chef Adrianna and what a treat.
All of our ingredients were delivered prior to the event with a basic outline of how the event would unfold. Chef Adrianna hosted the event on zoom with an overhead cam displaying the food prep space. Then walked us through the ingredients - how to prepare and inspect them.
With an overhead camera highlighting the Chefs board we followed along preparing our own charcuterie. Pretty fun to do - having the virtual happy hour as well as seeing everyone's boards.

Thanks again, Chef. Good times!!

Michael L.

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