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5 Kitchen Gadgets to Make You a Master Home Baker

Is this your year to expand or build upon your baking skills? Are you shopping through amazon or your local store for a tool you might need, but also not sure?

Certain extra tools are needed but which ones are actually worth it? When you have minimum storage or want ones that will have multiple uses, here’s my short list of a few that will help with your baking journey and make you not just a better baker but a consistent one!

No. 1

Digital Scale

Any experienced baker or chef will agree to ditch those cups and measuring spoons. Recipes that are weighted are not only faster and easier to prepare, they will be consistent each and every time. You can prove this by scooping 1 cup of flour several times, you may find you are off a gram or two each time. It might not seem like a big deal but certain ingredients can throw a whole recipe off!

No. 2

Thermometers - Probe and Oven

Thermometers are a great way to be precise. Many of our ovens are several years old or have hotspots. An oven thermometer can tell you what the actual internal temperature is when it’s preheated. You may find it’s off a few degrees, this could cause our baked goods to over bake, spread or just not bake correctly. By knowing the actual temperature you can adjust that dial.

Probe thermometer is a great tool to know the internal temperature of our baked goods and the range goes high enough for candy making too! Do you find that your breads never bake all the way through and are gummy, or not sure when it’s completely done? A probe thermometer is the perfect tool! You can make sure you hit the proper final temperature of that loaf (hint hint for breads that’s an internal temperature of 190 degrees!)

No. 3

Pairing Knife

This is a perfect smaller utility knife to have to cut smaller, more delicate items. Including fruits like strawberries or small pieces of dough. It also allows you to move fast and make tiny cuts when needed. It’s the tiny workhorse you didn’t know you needed!

No. 4

Offset Spatula

Offset spatula can come in several different sizes and finding the one that works best for you. These tools can be used to spread batter evenly in a baking tray. You’ll notice a big difference than spreading with a rubber spatula! It can be used to frost a cake and the best way to pick any baked good. Perfect for placing anything delicate onto a serving tray.

No. 5

Flat Aluminum Sheet Trays

A Good sheet tray can make a big difference in how our cookies, cakes or anything baked on it turns out. I find lighter color aluminum trays best to use. They stay flat in a high heat and don’t bend.Ones with a nice even rim allows you to bake flat sheet cakes in them. Ever notice the bottom of your cookies bake dark? The darker the material the faster they will darken as it conducts more heat. Grab a lighter finished tray and that excess browning will be a thing of the past!

What desserts and pastries are you going to master in 2022? Connect with me in a private baking class on Zoom - book your class now, we will connect in a private Zoom call and I will coach you through every step of the way! Here are my favorite classes to teach right now:



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