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*2023 Gift Guide* For the Person Who Always Initiates Happy Hour

For the perpetual social butterfly known for initiating or hosting the perfect happy hour, consider these unique and unconventional gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary:

Instagram-Worthy Cocktail Glasses

IV Drip Membership

Opt for a membership to a wellness clinic offering IV drips designed to combat hangovers and replenish vital nutrients after a night of celebration. Find an IV Drip spot near where they live and inquire about a gift card or membership.

Playful Tablecloth

Spirits Subscription

Enroll them in a subscription service that delivers exclusive, limited-batch spirits, allowing them to expand their collection with unique finds.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser kit to set the mood during their happy hours, providing a calming and inviting ambiance for guests.

Craft Cocktail Mixology Class

Gift a mixology workshop to elevate their bartending skills, allowing them to create signature cocktails and impress guests during happy hours.

For the enthusiastic host who sets the scene for delightful happy hours, these unique gifts cater to their passion for mixology and entertaining, offering innovative tools and experiences to elevate their gatherings to new heights.


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