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A Fresh Start for Culinary Adventure

Welcome to the brand new era of learning, cooking, and having a blast in the kitchen! After four and a half years of being known as "Fēst Cooking," we are thrilled to introduce our exciting rebranding as "Home Ec." In this blog post, we want to take you behind the scenes and share the story of why we decided to make this change.

Why the Change?

  1. Ease of Pronunciation: One of the primary reasons behind our rebranding was to simplify our name. "Fēst Cooking" had its uniqueness, but it often led to mispronunciations and confusion. "Home Ec," on the other hand, is easy to say and remember, making it more accessible to everyone. We want our name to roll off the tongue as effortlessly as your favorite recipe.

  2. Alignment with Our Classes: Our classes have always been about practical cooking skills, and we've realized that they're essentially a modern-day home economics class. Home Ec captures the essence of what we do perfectly.

  3. Future Expansion: We are bursting with excitement about the future! In just a few months, we'll be introducing new class categories that we're sure you'll love. From nutrition to personal finance, we're broadening our horizons to provide you with a well-rounded education in essential life skills. The name "Home Ec" gives us the flexibility to include these new topics seamlessly.

What Does This Mean for You?

You might be wondering how this change affects you. The fantastic news is, it doesn't! If you've been a part of our incredible community, nothing changes except our name. You're still a valued member of our culinary family, and we can't wait to continue this journey with you.

But wait, there's more! To celebrate our rebrand, we're introducing Cooking for a Cause, a series of classes that blend culinary delights with making a positive impact. We've curated three traditional Israeli cooking classes, with the proceeds going to Friends of United Israeli. This organization is dedicated to providing swift medical response to those in need in Israel. By joining these classes, you're not just learning to cook; you're also contributing to a meaningful cause.

Final Thoughts

We're embarking on this new chapter with the same passion, dedication, and enthusiasm for culinary education that has defined us from the beginning. Home Ec is not just a new name; it's a symbol of our commitment to making learning practical life skills more enjoyable and accessible.

Thank you for being part of our journey, and here's to making Home Ec the coolest place to learn life skills! Stay tuned for exciting classes, delicious recipes, and the joy of learning together.

Cheers to the future!

The Home Ec Team


Home Ec is your kitchen companion, where cooking transforms into a delightful journey. We're here to make your culinary adventures easy, enjoyable, and utterly delicious. Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned home cook, Home Ec's cooking classes are designed to ignite your passion for food. We'll take you from the basics to gourmet masterpieces, all while sharing tips, tricks, and the joy of creating wonderful meals. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your apron, and let's embark on a culinary adventure together!


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