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What to Cook This Month: August 2023

August brings a lineup of mouthwatering celebrations. Embrace the summer vibes with these culinary delights:

International Beer Day: August 5

Raise a glass and pair your favorite brews with beer-battered fish tacos, bratwurst, or a hearty beer cheese dip.

National S'mores Day: August 10

Gather 'round the campfire or stovetop for gooey s'mores. Try creative twists with peanut butter cups or flavored marshmallows.

National Watermelon Day: August 3

Stay refreshed with juicy watermelon salads, feta and mint combos, or even watermelon sorbet for a cool treat.

Hawaiian Luau: August 21

Transport your taste buds to the tropics with succulent roasted pig, grilled pineapple, coconut shrimp, and poi.


Bento Boxes: Keep it fun and practical with creatively crafted bento boxes—fill with mini sandwiches, fruit kebabs, and veggie sticks.

Celebrate August with a scrumptious mix of flavors, perfect for embracing the sunny days and creating unforgettable moments around the table.


Fēst, pronounced 'feast', is a collective of Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Sommeliers who teach guided, interactive and completely customizable classes to cooking-curious people of all skill levels around the world.


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