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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: The Baker

Looking for the ultimate baking gift guide? You're in the right place! We have rounded up 10 incredible gifts in this baker gift guide that will have your favorite baker excited to make new and delicious recipes.

Cookie Stamps (Set of 3) $34

Holiday cookies are a staple to any self-respecting home baker and these cookie stamps will take their cookie game up a level. These stamps are made from cast aluminum with wooden handles, and are bound to become a fixture in their baking tool set. These stamps come in a variety of patterns, from swirly geometric patterns, a holiday-themed trio, or say “Cheers,” “Thank you,” and “With love” with the greetings set.

Chocolate Collection $200

High-quality baking gift basket ideas are hard to find - that's why we're calling upon chocolate to save the day. This collection celebrates bean-to-bar chocolate both in pure form and in decadent collaborations. This gift basket is complete with buttery Sea Salt Caramels, crunchy Chocolate-Covered Nibs, sweet-salty Chocolate-Covered Caramelized Almonds, Chocolate-Covered Caramelized Hazelnuts, and Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans (created with beans from Ritual Coffee Roasters). Plus assorted Dandelion classics — a Five-Bar Tasting Set, plus a Hot Chocolate Mix Trio. Wow.

Opera Torte Cake Baking Class $176

Give the gift of a private baking experience with a Pastry Chef - your favorite baker will be paired with a Pastry Chef for a private baking class at home and will learn how to prepare an incredibly impressive cake: Opera Torte Cake. The Pastry Chef instructor will guide them through the prep and baking process. Not sure if this specific recipe will be perfect for them? Give them the gift of a gift card to choose the private baking or cooking class they would like to take.

Cast Iron Tortilla Press $55 - $90

Homemade tortillas and tortilla chips are game-changers! The heavy duty cast-iron plates create flat and even circles, every single time. Bonus, this press comes pre-seasoned and ready to use. Brown your freshly pressed discs in the skillet, or slice them up and send ‘em through the deep-fryer to make light and crispy chips.

20-Piece POP Canister Set $209.99

Looking for the perfect gift to help your favorite baker get more organized and up their baking pantry? Check out this container set - perfect to store all of their baking essentials, from flours, baking soda, sugars to chocolate chips. Simply push down on the lid's button to create an airtight seal; press again to open. And under the lid of larger sizes, there's space to store a convenient Scoop, Date Tracker or terra cotta disk to keep brown sugar soft (sold separately).

Baking Labels $10+

Complete their new containers with these easy-to-read, durable, waterproof pantry labels. Their pantry will have a minimal and modern look while elevating their baking experience.

Croquembouche Baking Class $176

The gift of a private baking class taught by a professional Pastry Chef will be the highlight of their holidays. Look no further than this Croquembouche baking class. Your favorite baker will be connected with a Pastry Chef who will coach them through every step of the process - from prep, restaurant-grade tips and tricks, feedback and will answer any of their questions as they are baking! Give them the gift of a gift card to choose the private baking or cooking class they would like to take.

Digital Scale $50

A great baker uses a digital scare to weight ingredients for their recipes. This sleek, cordless and USB-rechargeable design is great for weighing large quantities (up to 22 lbs) and is accurate within 0.1oz. It can also switch from ounces to grams. Made for assisting in any kind of recipe, this touch-control design is especially helpful for baking measurements. The large weighing surface allows the LCD display to remain visible.

Handmade Pie Dish $70

This handmade white glazed pie dish has s a ruffled edge and lace-like detail that’ll make their holiday pies shine!

Hong Kong Egg Waffle Puff Pan $66

A crowd-drawing street snack in Hong Kong, egg waffles also answer to “egg puff”,”bubble waffle,” and perhaps the most adorable of all, “puffle.” Despite the unique shape of this waffle pan, it’ll take any batter they deem worthy to drizzle into its spheres. Made from the most durable cast aluminum around, it will turn out bubbled breakfast treats in record time!


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