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Classes for just you, you and the fam, you and your friends, and you and your work fam.

Enjoy cooking, baking, wine tasting, and mixology classes online on Zoom. Cook with us on any digital device.

Couples Cooking Class


Whether it’s your first date, your 50th anniversary, or you’re looking for a way to spice it up, a couples cooking class is the perfect balance of romance, excitement, and reward. Bond together by learning how to cook luxurious meals, bake fancy treats, and taste wine together.


If you’ve run out of anniversary or date night ideas, why not try a cooking class date night with Fēst Cooking? Choose from our seasonal-inspired menus with a wide range of cuisines. Whether you’re into Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, or Indian food, you can travel the world with nothing but your taste buds and ingredients in the comfort of your own home.


Online and virtual cooking classes for couples are the perfect way to connect amidst a time when many of us are separated from our loved ones. We’ll take the work out of cooking so you can have fun, spend quality time together, and enjoy the delicious meal you’ll be able to make yourself!


With the guidance of a professional chef, a downloadable menu and shopping list, and an internet connection, we’ll teach you exactly how to make a meal that’s sure to impress and something you can enjoy together as a couple for many meals in the future. They say the best way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through their stomach, so book a cooking class today!

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