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Am I the Only One Not Making Galettes?

In April, Carla Lalli Music's cookbook "Where Cooking Begins: Uncomplicated Recipes to Make You a Great Cook" finally came out and I couldn't get my hands on it fast enough. As an avid BA mag reader and food cast listener, Carla is a rockstar to me. So, I needed this cookbook. One of the recipes that really stood out to me when I first thumbed through was her fruit galette. It has this rustic vibe that would knock the socks off anyone who has spent a hot summer night with a fresh-out-of-the-oven berry pie. It also seems quite easy to make & wildly customizable in terms of what fruit you're feeling.

Since my home was graced with the presence of the cookbook, I cannot help but notice every singe person who has an instagram account is making and posting a fruit galette. Blueberry, peach, strawberry, peach, strawberry rhubarb, cherry. I mean, the feed goes forever.

I'll be making and posting a galette of my own. It's summer after all!


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