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Hailey Bieber just dropped a kitchen tour video, shop all of her kitchen faves here

We love a good Hailey Bieber in the kitchen YouTube video, and this one certainly delivers. Hailey gives us a glimpse to her stunning and HUGE kitchen and we couldn't help but round up all of your favorites in one place for you to shop!

Spice Jars

Spice Jar Labels

Hexclad Nonstick Pan

Hexclad Bowls

Butter Dish

Pepper and Salt Mills

Air Fryer, the smaller one

Air Fryer, the bigger one


Nespresso Machine

Tea Kettle

Matcha Machine

Chamberlain Coffee Matcha

Hexclad Cutting Board

Hexclad Knife Set and Magnetic Block Set

Cosmic Bliss Ice Cream

Watch Hailey's kitchen tour here:


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