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What to Cook This Month: April 2023

Spring has this impressive way of always blowing a fresh gust of inspiration and restoration after a long, cold winter. This month, I am really excited about trying new recipes in my home kitchen after being in a bit of a cooking rut. Explore the recipes and cooking classes I will be cooking and taking this month:

Korean Fried Chicken

I am particularly excited about this recipe and class - I love all things Asian cooking but can get a bit overwhelmed with the amount of curious ingredients needed. These recipes for a Korean fried chicken and japchae don't require a ton of this ingredients, I bet you already have most of the ingredients in your pantry and fridge.

Cornmeal-Crusted Sole

These are fabulous recipes to enjoy for a delicious Sunday dinner without spending hours in the kitchen. The last time I made these recipes was for Mother's Day last year - it was such a hit with my family!


I have yet to make these, yet, this is one of our more popular baking classes! Truthfully, I have never had a cannoli that I enjoyed. Perhaps this will finally remedy that!

Green Goddess Roast Chicken

Earth Day is this month and this is a delicious menu selection for an Earth Day dinner. I bet you don't have grand plans for the holiday, neither do I. But we do all have to eat dinner - might I recommend this menu.

Paella and Tapas

I have been itching to travel - this is a menu I have made several times during past springs and summers and it has a magical way of transporting me to the streets of Spain, wandering in the warm sunlight, searching for our next mind-blowing bite.

Focaccia Bread

I come back to this recipe all of the time - it's just so good! I love making this on a Sunday morning and having the bread and pesto for a light-ish lunch, with a bit more bread to spare for dinner. Highly recommend.

Falafel Burgers

Once upon a time when I lived in NYC, I experienced a life-changing falafel burger. This recipe is adapted from my memory of that burger. This is a filling, super delicious burger that even carnivores will enjoy, I guarantee it.

Strawberries and Cream Napoleons

Strawberry season is upon us and I am already counting down the days until my farmer's market opens so I can get my hands on the local berries! This recipe is light, sweet (but not overly) and is a wonderful recipe to come back to all spring and summer. It's also an impressive dessert to quickly whip out when you have dinner guests - you can make most of it ahead of time!

Maple Pecan Sticky Buns

I recently learned there is a National Pecan Day, it's in April! There is a day for everything, huh? Well, the 'holiday' is a perfect excuse to make a batch of these sticky buns. I usually opt for a cinnamon bun, but these will be the perfect change-up my kitchen (and my stomach) needs. Make these on a Saturday morning and enjoy them all weekend long!


Fēst, pronounced 'feast', is a collective of Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Sommeliers who teach guided, interactive and completely customizable classes to cooking-curious people of all skill levels around the world.


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