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Sushi Making Class at Home

Discover how to make delicious sushi at home with our virtual live classes. From classic to contemporary sushi rolls, you’re going to be a sushi master by the end of your class.

In our Sushi Making Class, you'll learn how to make your favorite sushi rolls from scratch. Starting from preparing the perfect sushi rice, to selecting your roll ingredients, then perfectly rolling and cutting your sushi. You'll also learn how to prepare vegetable and shrimp tempura and sushi and tempura dipping sauces. How delicious does this sound?!

Our favorite rolls to prepare in class are Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll, Sweet Potato Tempura Sushi Roll, and the classic California Sushi Roll.

This class is perfect for groups to cook together in different locations, date night with your partner at home, or a solo evening at home.

You'll be in the company of a professional restaurant Chef who will guide you through every step of the way, helping to troubleshoot, share tips and tricks, and answer all of your questions.

For this class, you will need to purchase your own ingredients and have your equipment ready.

Become a sushi chef and impress your family and friends from your own home.


Have questions about our cooking classes?

Visit our cooking class FAQ page to get the scoop.

Live Online Cooking Classes

Take your home cooking skills up a notch with online cooking classes from Fēst. Led by our expert chefs, these live, private, hands-on classes walk you through the cooking process step by step. Helpful hints are provided along the way to ensure that you not only end up with a delicious result, but also get the opportunity to improve your cooking expertise. Learn more about how our online classes work and check out our full schedule to sign up for one that suits your tastes.

When you take one of our gourmet cooking classes online, you’ll get an interactive experience that’s unlike most cooking tutorials available online. Our classes aren’t prerecorded or generic. Each class is conducted live with one of our expert chefs, allowing you the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback every step of the way. Because the level of instruction is simple and straightforward, these are the best online cooking classes for beginners. However, experienced home chefs can also get a lot out of these tutorials, especially if they’re looking to expand their skills and try out new cuisines.

Make a Special Meal at Home

Being able to work in your own kitchen allows anyone in your household to participate in these fun, interactive cooking sessions. Sign up to enjoy an online cooking class for kids and adults that lets the whole family try out new recipes together. Get closer to your special someone with a couples’ date night online cooking class that ends with a flavorful, homemade meal. Whether you prefer to fly solo or you plan to make it a group effort, you’ll find that these are the best online cooking classes for home cooks. Check out our full lineup of class options to discover delicious recipes that you can create in the comfort of your own home.


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