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Freelance Content Writer

Virtual, USA-based 🇺🇸

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

We are searching for an experienced freelance writer to generate blog posts for our blog "What We're Cooking, Eating and Enjoying".. The freelance writer's responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of this production process, from inception to submission.

To ensure success as a freelance writer, you should be accustomed to working with various word processors. Ultimately, outstanding freelance writer will tailor their writing style to accommodate the needs of different audiences.

Freelance Writer Responsibilities:

Formulating texts in accordance with prescribed editorial and formatting guidelines.
Communicating explicate assignment-related expectations, as required.
Informing of assignment-related difficulties as they are detected.
Ensuring that texts are properly researched.
Maintaining originality in your work.
Proofreading your assignments to detect and correct errors.
Submitting completed works via the requisite channels.
Monitoring and logging hours spent on each assignment.


  • Must have food and/or wine experience in any capacity.

  • Prior writing experience.

  • Portfolio of completed works.

  • Own personal or laptop computer.

  • Excellent communication and time management skills.

  • Capacity to work with minimal supervision.

  • Self-motivated, disciplined approach to work.

  • Must be based in the United States.

About the Company

Fēst ( is an online, educational platform connecting home cooks to professional chefs, cooks, bartenders, sommeliers and expert home cooks to learn skills and recipes. Professional chefs share knowledge, verbal instruction, answer questions and provide feedback to home cooks through virtual one-on-one classes. This connection between a professional chef and a home cook has been previously limited to cookbooks, how-to tutorials and recipes, and meal subscription boxes.
Fēst launched at a moment in time where there is an abundant amount of cooking information available online and the demand for customized and on-demand services are becoming the norm. To date, there is little to no real-time connection between professional chefs and home cooks. We're excited to partner with expert chefs around the globe to share their knowledge, skill and passion to cooking curious people so they may cook with confidence at home.

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