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The future of work relies on happy and healthy people

Home Ec is the industry-leading solution designed with your employees in mind—improving their productivity, workplace engagement, and overall well-being.


Join 500+ organizations that trust
Home Ec in supporting 
employees worldwide 

Turnkey experiences created for busy teams

We'll hand-deliver all of the ingredients needed to each guest a couple days before your planned event.


customizable and seasonal menus

Our menu options are: 

  • adaptable for most diets and allergies, including gluten-free, shellfish allergy, dairy-free, nut-free and Kosher

  • customizable for vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians  

  • seasonally rotating so you always have something to look forward to

hands-on and fun

Your team will cook alongside Professionally Trained Chefs - ask questions throughout your class audibly or in the chat and your Chef will guide you through the entire cooking process from prep to plating. Is the Chef moving too quickly? Ask them to hang on a moment or go back to what you're stuck on. Your Chef is there to guide, encourage and inspire you to make a delicious meal at home.


Schedule a
15-minute Q&A call

Schedule a 15-minute video call with a dedicated workplace wellness coordinator to learn how Home Ec (previously known as Fēst Cooking) can support your remote or hybrid team. You’ll have the opportunity to get direct answers to all of your questions.

a call

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