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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Kid Foodie

Looking for kid foodie gift ideas? Look no further than our roundup of the best 14 gifts for your favorite kid foodie.

Ice Cream Spill $150

Ok, ok, this is for the big kid foodie in your life. This fun piece comes in a variety of flavors to capture your favorite. Suddenly, we're craving a waffle cone!

Science of Cooking: Ice Cream Making Kit $29.95

Dig into a series of kitchen chemistry experiments and kid-friendly recipes for ice cream and sorbet — made using just the tools in this crate and some ingredients from home. Learn about the science behind ice crystals and freezing, how air is one of the most important ingredients in ice cream, and how stabilizers help keep dessert delicious. Then customize the included recipes to make all sorts of creamy concoctions — from choco-cherry ice cream to fresh fruit sorbet!

Personalized Baking Equipment $12.95+

Personalized wooden utensils for your favorite kid baker! These utensils are made of beechwood and silicone, and are laser engraved for a personalized set!

Monthly Cooking Club $20 - $24

A monthly cooking club for kids is a an awesome way to get your kid foodie trying new recipes in the kitchen. This cooking club has something for all ages. Young children work alongside an adult, while older kids and teens indulge their culinary curiosity! And it's perfect for picky eaters. Each month, you'll receive a package with kitchen tools, an apron patch, culinary lesson card and a shopping list.

Kids Apron $45

Your favorite little foodie will feel like a true Chef in this class style apron - equipped with a handy front pocket, this apron is made of 50% linen and 50% cotton.

Rainbow Cake Private Baking Class $218

Treat your little foodie to a private class with a professional Pastry Chef - your Pastry Chef will guide them through the entire prep and baking process of making an impressive rainbow layer cake. This class is recommended for kids with adult supervision and some baking or cooking experience already! Or give this gift as a gift card!

Oak Knife for Kids $15.10

This is a child-friendly safe wooden knife is made of solid oak and can be used for educational purposes with your toddler - it's incredibly easy to use and it can't cut the skin. Your little chef can cut through fruits and vegetables, cheese, bread and much more.

Kitchen Timer $37.55

This little timer will help your little foodie keep track of what's going on in the kitchen. This timer is made of resin and stainless steel and can track 1-60 minutes. It'll also look pretty slick sitting on the counter when not being used!

Croissant Lamp $88

Handcrafted in Japan by Yukiko Morita, this croissant lamp is made from real bread and create a soft, warm glow. Ingredients and materials used: bread flour, cake flour, salt, yeast, coated in resin with LED lights. How fun is that?!

Personalized Apron Set $51.02

This 100% cotton personalized dinosaur apron set featuring a Stegosaurus print. Ideal for cooking and baking together - and is machine washable. This set has two aprons - either adult/child or adult/toddler - and is available in a variety of color combinations.

Private Pizza Making Class $158

This private cooking experience is perfect for teen foodies with some cooking experience under their belt already. Your favorite young foodie will be connected to a Chef for a private lesson on how to make pizza at home - the Chef will guide the student through every step of the way, answer their questions and help troubleshoot! Or give this gift as a gift card!

The Big, Fun Kids Baking Book $19.99

This collection is packed with tons of recipes for easy sweets and treats, designed with young cooks in mind and triple tested by the chefs in Food Network Kitchen. Kids will get all the info they need to make their favorite desserts: muffins and quick breads, brownies and bars, cookies, cupcakes, sheet cakes, and more. The recipes are simple to follow and totally foolproof, and each one comes with a color photo and pro tips to help junior chefs get started in the kitchen.

Wooden Trivet $44.40

A beeswax-treated oak trivet will delight your little foodie while they are at the table waiting for dinner or serving up a dinner made for the family. This trivet will protect your surfaces from piping hot dishes.

Handmade Cotton Pan Handle Cover $20

Keep those little hands safe from hot handles with these skillet handle covers. Made from sturdy 100% cotton, these are washable and available in tons of colors and patterns.


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