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8 Gadgets Every Home Cook Should Have

Caldo Cotton Apron

This colorful apron is washable and will become an everyday staple for your home cooking. We love to our colorful aprons to get us in the Chef-y mood.

Boos Block Cutting Board

The bigger, the better! We rely heavily on our Boos board for just about every time we are cooking. We have a large 30" x 23" walnut board that is perfect for dinner prep, rolling doughs out and even displaying charcuterie and snacks for an at-home happy hour.

Rösle Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

These bowls are a real game changer in the kitchen - perfect for mixing doughs, large salads, pasta carbonara, baking, marinating... you name it!

OXO Liquid Measuring Cups

Measure liquids without having to bend over and guess if you have the right amount - this measuring cup has an easy-to-read measurement guide that you can quickly see from the top and while you're filling. We use this every time we're measuring liquids.

OXO Wood Spatula

Perfect for scrapping up bits at the bottom of the pan - this wood spatula will be your #1 tool every time you're cooking.


Citrus, ginger, cheeses, fresh nutmeg, chocolate... this microplane will rarely live in the drawer. We like to have a few of them on-hand because we will often use several for one recipe!

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