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It's Grilling Season!

It feels like it has been an eternity since the last grilling season - no? This summer we're here to help you master the grill at home! Whether you have a gas or charcoal grill or grill pan for the stove - we have the best classes that will keep you grilling all season long!

Check out our current virtual grilling classes to get you outside and keep you inspired!

In this class you'll learn how to prepare 8 individual pies on the grill. Mix up the ingredients or keep them consistent - up to you! Choose your toppings based on what works for you and what's seasonal and looking good from your local market. Our current favorite topping combination: fig, prosciutto, blue cheese and hot honey.

In this class you'll prepare a paella for 6-8 people. Choose your mix-ins based on what you love! Chorizo, chicken, mussels, shrimp or veggies - or a combination of it all. We absolutely recommend to have your favorite Spanish wine chilled and ready to enjoy with this awesome summertime grilled paella.

This class is a real treat! You'll learn how to prepare grilled kebabs with a BBQ glaze, a grilled caesar salad + either a herby potato salad or a grilled watermelon and feta salad. All dishes easily can be made vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian.

Want to learn something else on your grill this season? Book a Build Your Own class!

Happy grilling season!

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