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Let's Start Traveling Again

It's been a long nearly 14 months homebound, bombarded by unending stressful and heartbreaking news, eyebrows deep in face masks, what felt like never ending Zoom meetings, and too many hours in front of our devices.

I imagine most people are itching to get out, travel, and explore again. I cannot help myself but to daydream of long, sunny days spent exploring and smiling with friends and family.

We have a quick roundup to get you ready to start traveling again!

The easiest rolling suitcase you ever did meet. She fits everything and is perfectly chic! Great for a trip via plane, train or car. Also available in larger and smaller sizes.

Eater: City Guides for Where to Eat in a Post-Pandemic World

Before embarking on your trip, be sure to do research on the local and small restaurants. Eater has great round-ups of the restaurant scene in a COVID-19 world, taking into account restaurant's new policies, new restaurant openings, and who has closed since March 2020.

More now than ever, it's crucial to support the local and small restaurant and hospitality businesses. Instead of a Starbucks pick-up in the morning, spend one more minute to quickly search on Google Maps for a small local coffee shop, we bet you'll really enjoy it!

We can officially start traveling to Europe this summer - yay! To make the most of your trip, why not educate yourself a bit in advance? Take a Classic Italian Reds Wine Tasting Class with a Sommelier to learn all about Italian wines before your trip, you'll certainly impress your wine guide in Tuscany with your knowledge!

Cherry Bombe is a biannual indie magazine that celebrates women and food. Each issue is packed with features, profiles, recipes, photos, and artwork from some of the most talented writers, chefs, food stylists, photographers, and illustrators around.

We've all been inside, in our little air conditioned little bubble for over a year. We're bound to get hot quicker and forget to hydrate enough. Do yourself a favor and bring your own bottle and load up on fresh, cool water when empty - you'll be thankful!

Bon voyage!


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