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Pasta for Lunch

As an American, my thoughts around pasta induced heavy and full feelings and a strong urge for a nap. As an American who is now married to an Italian and has spent a lot of time in Italy, I have come to realize that I completely misunderstood how nuanced and light pasta should be. It's one of the first courses of any proper lunch in Italy, and certainly shouldn't weigh you down or induce drowsiness. An appropriate pasta dish is to allow fresh, seasonal ingredients to show off - all on the vehicle of a perfectly paired pasta noodle. The portion should be small, appropriately sized to be an opening act of the main course.

Sometime this season, try making an authentic Italian lunch on a Sunday for your family and loved ones. A proper lunch would start with a pasta dish, onto a second course of fish or meat with a light salad, finished with fresh fruit & if you're celebrating something, top it off with a dessert. Always rounded out with an espresso. Lunch may be full of wonderful and satisfying dishes, but the most important aspect is spending quality time, typically a couple of hours, at the table with your loved ones talking about everything and anything.

Here is a perfect lunch plan to start with. So, go on, have a little pasta for lunch.

First Course

Lemon Pistachio Pasta

Second Course

Swordfish Steak with Crispy Capers

Simple Salad


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