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Prep for Thanksgiving - Tips from a Chef

Learn invaluable tips and tricks from a restaurant Chef, Chef Garrison Price, to master your Thanksgiving dinner this year. Watch the video above or checkout the transcript below:

we've got a short time session today

so i'd love to get started right away

i am chef tiffany i am your host and


quality assurance chef today i said

qa but um normally we'd answer questions

today we're just making sure we can get

through all of this

really quickly i am here representing

feast which is an online cooking

platform bringing

all of you together and bringing

us professional chefs into your kitchen

to help you create a

a wonderful thanksgiving meal chef

garrison is going to be showing you

some some food today how to prep your


he has two cameras so you'll want to

take a look at both of those maybe pin


but i will spotlight them as he's moving

around so you'll be able to see what

he's working on

we have this recipe card that you'll see

going on in the background

and so you can watch that as well as

we're also

um we're recording this so you can

always watch this later as well because

we do have a lot of information to cover

i'll also be answering any questions in

the chat box if you want to enter

anything in there

that will definitely be helpful if you


questions as you're watching along again

since this is a large group and we've

got a short amount of time

being on mute will be really helpful as


entering those questions into the chat

box so we can enter and take care of

them there

so we've got a few more people joining

and we are going to go ahead and um

get started so chef garrison if you want


jump right in awesome thank you so much

chef tiffany

i'm really thrilled to be with you all i

have quite a task on my hands i'm

essentially going to be making you

an entire thanksgiving meal in the next

25 minutes thereabout

so if anybody has any time to maybe stay

after we can do some q a

but i understand it's the middle of the

day it's hopefully happy friday to


and if you have other meetings to get to

we we totally understand but

really hoping that you can take away a

few tricks for your

thanksgiving feast this next week um

so i'm again going to dive right in you

can see we're going to talk

turkey right now that's usually the main


this is kind of a twist very


seasoning mix on our turkey i have some

coffee i've finally ground coffee

i'm going to be adding that coffee it's

not to make the

bird taste like a mocha frappuccino

it actually adds a really nice kind of


savory nuttiness to your spice mix

so i'm just mixing up my spice my spice

mix we call this a santa maria

spice mix kind of originates in southern


and it's really great on a lot of

different things pork beef

particularly but also turkey works

really well here so i just have

coffee some garlic powder um

some salt a little brown sugar which is

going to help

aid in caramelizing the and getting our


nice and crispy some aromatics kind of

those fall flavors or winter flavors

a little cinnamon some clove

and then for a little bit of kick i have

just a touch of cayenne

pepper so i'm going to kind of keep this

to the side

one of the techniques i wanted to show

you today

is you don't have to cook your turkey


it's really kind of a brilliant way of

cooking it

is to break your turkey down what do we

mean by that

we want to separate our turkey

into four pieces

um so i just want to demonstrate that

for you i have about a 12 pound bird i

think especially just given the

recommendations to not

be in a large group this thanksgiving

you know breaking this down is going to

make it much more manageable for you if

you're just cooking for one or if you're

cooking for two or four

you know very often a whole turkey can

be a little cumbersome so

i've taken my turkey out of the package

i've also

rinsed it very well i'm a big fan of

rinsing poultry

and now i'm going to begin to break it

down very often you kind of have this

bag of giblets gets hidden

in the the neck cavity you could

certainly save these

and we're going to talk a bit about uh

what to do with your leftovers

but also in this situation we

are going to have um we're going to

actually end up with the entire

carcass or the bones of our turkey so

removing all the kind of bits and bobs i

had the neck in here the giblets

piece of plastic here um and i'm gonna

begin by

separating the legs from

the actual kind of breast cavity i guess

you'll say

i do have a roasting tray here if you

happen to have a roasting rack

that can be very beneficial but this

part of the process is going to be

something i want to do at least the day


if not even up to two days

ahead of time so i'm going right in

between kind of where the breast

and the thigh is and if you kind of just

cut through that skin you'll begin to

i'm just using the weight of the knife

it kind of just opens itself

up and i'm able to kind of push down on

this thigh

and what i'm looking to do is just open

up the joint

here so that i can cut through

where that hip bone connects to kind of

the back

and i apologize if you're a vegetarian

out there

you know this is maybe not the most

pleasant part but

this can definitely be a little daunting

for the home chef so i just want to try

to demystify this for you

we're just separating out that leg

trying to kind of use the knife to ride

along the bones

so that we're not wasting too much of

the meat

i'm going to do the same thing on the

other side here

just kind of pop that joint at the base

and kind of just i can see where some of

the meat is and i can kind of feel

where the bones are with my knife

getting those onto my tray same deal

with the breast here you have a breast

bone down the center that you can feel

i'm going to cut on either side of that

and i'm going to kind of ride

the basically the rib cage of the


down nice even slices i'm not being too

aggressive here just letting the weight

of the knife

small incisions will now separate out

that breast down to

again another joint here that's probably

the most tricky part with butchering

is knowing how to get through that those

uh different joints

so i just ended up with the entire


for our purposes if i were to roast this

i love the presentation of keeping the


on but if that wing is covering up the

breast our skin isn't going to get

crispy so i'm just going to tuck

that tip of the wing behind the breast

and i'll be in pretty good shape there

and then you know you can argue well

what am i supposed to do with this

this kind of the bones afterward well

especially if we're doing this the day


this is going to make a really delicious


stock that will be very versatile to

make a

soup for your leftover turkey meat that

you have

um so what i'll recommend is

while what we're going to basically do

is a dry

brine on our turkey

what i mean by that if you're familiar

with maybe barbecue

or different cooking processes very

often we'll submerge

proteins in a salt water solution

to season it it also helps an aid in

keeping the meat nice and moist so

while before i get into curing i would

just throw this

kind of carcass these bones right on a

sheet tray roasted at 300 degrees

for about a half hour throw it into a

pot with some cold water

and simmer it and you'll have a really


chicken or sorry turkey broth after

about two hours

so anytime we're working with raw

poultry we need to be very

aware of keeping things kind of


hopefully we probably all have a little

sanitizer solution or spray around these


so back to my spice mix i'm just

mixing this up and i'm going to kind of

just get in here with my hands actually


generously coating all sides

of this turkey with this this

kind of really flavorful aromatic spice


and this does have salt in it but notice

i'm not using any oil here

because what's going to kind of

naturally happen especially if we do

this overnight

that salt is going to start to draw out

some of the moisture

and actually kind of penetrate into the

the meat and

season it very very well um it's also

going to create a really

great reaction with the skin which

should end up in a really

nice crispy flavorful skin

as well so wanting to space this out

onto my sheet tray so that i'm not

overlapping too much and

you know it's really as simple as that

we're basically cutting our cook time

by about two-thirds with doing our

turkey this way

so i would wrap this up put this into

the fridge

and then the day of when i'm ready to

cook 425 degrees

for about 45 minutes

so again we're kind of just breezing

through here

i'm just gonna wash my hands up

and of course by the magic of television

i have my turkey

already finished um i had my oven again


nice and hot we're roasting that pretty


and this is basically what i

end up with um i have a half bird here

um the biggest i think trick is

how do you know your turkey's done right


case scenario is to have a digital


so i would be testing my

turkey i'm looking for the breast to be

a minimum of about 160 to 165 degrees

in the thickest part and then for the


we need to go a little hotter we're

looking more towards 180 degrees

but you can see here i've got some

really nice caramelization

i've got some nice juice that's rusted

on this tray

another big part of this is don't slice

that turkey up right when it comes out

of the oven let's allow that

turkey to rest and that will allow those

juice those flavorful juices inside of

the turkey to kind of settle

and will prevent that kind of age-old

idea that turkey is dry brining it or

dry curing it like we did

and then roasting it allowing it to rest

you're going to end up with a

super tender juicy


next up i wanted to show you

our roasted caramelized

squash today so if you look around in

the store

nowadays there's a lot of different


types of squash out there i've got an

acorn squash and a butternut squash

a couple of tips for cutting this is a

very dense vegetable right

a really cool trick that chef tiffany

taught me actually

was pop this squash in the microwave for

five minutes

it's gonna soften it up on the outside

and make it a little easier to work with


so anytime we have a round object on a

cutting board it can be a little

intimidating and not the most safe


so i'm going to just make an incision in

the top of here to kind of get through

that skin

and then i'm going to get kind of the

center of my knife

in that squash and just really

simple easy kind of

rocking motion i should be able to cut

right through that and again if that's

intimidating to you

pop it in the microwave you'd be

surprised how quickly

uh or how easy it is to cut that in half

so i've cut my in this case acorn squash

butternut squash kind of the same

scenario i'm just going to use a spoon

remove the seeds

and then we're going to

end up kind of just cutting this in

wedges or rings

and we want to get some nice

caramelization how are we going to


that it is going to come through a

little glaze that we're going to make

so for me i'm just going to go straight


this squash about a half inch thick

i want i don't want this squash to

overcook i do want it to be nice and


so cutting it a little thicker will

allow it to

cook but also get some nice

caramelization on the outside

um so i've got my

a another roasting tray you definitely

are going to need to use the majority of


equipment arsenal in your kitchen

but i'm just going to lay these out if

you wanted to put some parchment down i

kind of have a non-stick

cookie sheet here lay your squash out

and we're gonna mix up a quick little

um spicy

sweet glaze for our squash

so i've got a little bowl here i'm gonna

do about a half cup

of honey

to that i'm going to add two tablespoons

of apple

cider vinegar is one of our favorites

especially this time of year

and then we're going to make this nice

and spicy

so just a touch of cayenne pepper is

going to really i'm not looking to make

this burn your

your face off necessarily right i but

cayenne pepper is going to add another

nice layer of flavor

and then the heat element would be chili

flake so i'm being a little aggressive

i've got almost a full

teaspoon of chili flake because i love

that spicy

flavor and then smoked paprika is kind

of the

secret ingredient here awesome spice

um should be pretty readily available in

most grocery stores

um just has this kind of nice little


element to it that is just a really cool

kind of

different twist and pairs really nicely

with that spice mix

we have on our on our turkey as well

and then we're going to need to season

this with a generous amount of salt so

i'm gonna do

about two teaspoons two whole teaspoons

of salt here

and let's add a little bit

about a tablespoon or so of extra virgin

olive oil

and between that olive oil and that

honey that's in there we're gonna get a


nice caramelization on our

squash so if you want to toss this all

together in a bowl

for me i'm just going to drizzle it

right over the top

of my squash

kind of a little untraditional

thanksgiving here i think it's fun to

mix it up every once in a while

still very familiar but a little twist

so again i'll give it a little shimmy

shake i'm going right into the oven

even with my turkey 325 degrees

about 15 to 20 minutes

and again of course i'm

ahead of the game here is

i have roasted mine for about 20 minutes

i've got some nice caramelization on


that kind of liquid kind of evaporated i

have a nice sticky honey glaze here

the best way to tell if these are cooked

just give it a poke with a fork

just to make sure it's nice and tender

and if that

squash kind of falls off of the fork

you know that it's it's done worst case


cut off a little piece taste it really

important to taste what you're making as

you go along

but that's going to be for our roasted

squash to accompany that

i'm going to make a little lemony yogurt

so even if you're

kind of not into stuff that's too spicy

the beauty of this is that we're going

to uh

pair it with this yogurt kind of tangy


is going to cool off any spice that you

experience with that squash

really great pairing um i'm just going

to zest

an entire lemon

and add that to my yogurt i am going to

season with a bit of salt

about a half teaspoon of salt and then i

do want to get some more

just compound on that lemony flavor i'm

going to add a little lemon juice

chef tiffany is my mentor here she

taught me this one too

the lemon cut side up in your hand put

it into your palm

give it a squeeze use your other hand

for leverage if you need

and you should be able to keep all those


on top of that lemon and just get the


in your your yogurt here

give it a mix you know basically all of

these things could be done the day

before so we could make our glaze

we could cut our squash we can make this


and then day of we're just going to

roast everything up

so i've got my yogurt gonna set that to

the side

next up how am i doing tiffany we're uh

we're just trucking right along here

we're gonna get into our

stuffin muffin you read that correctly

we are going to make a really delicious

again a little untraditional kind of

closer maybe to a bread

pudding if you're familiar um

we're going to do um

basically making a custard base um to


some bread in so i've got

you know kind of depending on the size

of your loaf of bread

i tore up about a half of a kind of

traditional low for if i had an artisan


of sourdough just rip those into pieces

i threw it in the oven for 10 minutes

just to dry it out a bit

so that our our bread is going to absorb

this custard that we're gonna make um

one thing i didn't mention whatever i'm

cooking i always have a garbage bowl

i have kind of a a little bowl on my


that makes it easier for for me to not

have to go back and forth

to the garbage can so i've got a large

bowl that's going to hold

all these ingredients for our

for our stuff and muffins

and definitely refer to that chat i'm

i'm kind of breezing through this but

some great questions are coming up you

know skin on the squash

i'm a huge fan of that as well

it's actually very delicious obviously

washing your squash before you roast it

is a good move i'm just cracking my four

eggs to this i'm gonna add

a cup and a half of i have some whole

milk here

i give that a mix and because my bread


very dry i want to allow this some time

to actually

soak so if you've made french toast

before maybe

you're familiar with the process of kind

of letting it sit and absorb

i just whisked up just using a fork

whisked up my

my egg and milk mixture i do want to

season this big fan

of seasoning in layers throughout the

cooking process

so generous about two tablespoons of

salt here

let's crack in some freshly ground black


and pretty much straight away i'm going

to get my bread right in here because i

again want this to soak a bit

this is just a fun kind of doing it in

the muffin tin

kind of creates a little personalized


stuffing portion for everyone which is

kind of fun

i've got some more ingredients for you

so i do have a

saute pan on the stove

and i want to cook off some i've got

some cremini mushrooms here

thinly slice those uh leek

one of my favorite ingredients great

kind of lighter onion flavor very


a little sweet i've sliced both of those

and i've just simply sauteed them you

know just to kind of cook out some of

the natural liquid in the

mushrooms get these leeks nice and soft

about a tablespoon of olive oil sauteed

those up until they were

they were translucent or fully cooked

and um that is going to be ready to go

i'm going to go with

that mixture right into my bread

milk and egg mixture

um you definitely want this mine is

cooled off a bit because i did this

ahead of time

but i'm gonna don't want to necessarily

add this while it's super piping hot

right so remove it from the pan let it

cool a bit

that's going straight into my bread

pudding mix

and then what's really going to take

this over the top

with some fresh herbs so a little fresh


sage is that super familiar flavor i


very much associated with thanksgiving

generous amount about a tablespoon each

of those herbs

and then to really take this over the

top i have a really

awesome gruyere cheese similar to a

swiss cheese

got about a cup and i'm just going to

add that

straight into my bread pudding as well

if you're into cheese if you don't like

cheese you could certainly omit that you

don't like mushrooms

leave it out but the possibilities are

really endless with this base recipe

with this custard the toasted bread

we season this again with some salt and

pepper so i'm just gonna kind of mix it

all up

and i'd recommend that we allow this to


for about 10 minutes or so again to kind

of let that

that custard fully absorb into

our our croutons essentially

but this is going to be super delicious

if you've got a um

you know muffin tin key here it's


pan spray if you have it uh you could

just do some

kind of grease the inside of these we

want to be able for these muffins to


from the pan this recipe will do about


little muffins

and so again letting this kind of sit of


i'm ahead of the game i'm going to set

this aside this is another thing

that could easily be done the day before

we could have this in the fridge

when it comes to the day of we just get

our muffin trays out we're filling those

those muffins and going right into the


again about 425 it's kind of nice we're

just keeping an even

even heat here and

just about 12 minutes

and i got some really nice


on top of my muffins

very excited about this i am going to

allow these to just rest

for a moment similar to my turkey

anytime i'm pulling something out of the


i want to allow it some time to to rest

and relax

um quite literally

and we are

just right on our way here um

another little touch that i love you

know you have all this kind of richness

and a lot of strong flavors

let's just make a really simple salad

to pair along with our meal today so i'm

big fan of creating a vinaigrette

in the bowl that i'm actually going to

be mixing my

lettuce greens in so we're going to


with just about a teaspoon of whole

grain mustard

to that i'm going to add some

sorry we can be a little yeah one

teaspoon of mustard we can do a teaspoon

of honey

and this is a very traditional base for

a vinaigrette

mix that honey and mustard together

again we were using apple cider vinegar


let's go with that same type of flavor


if you didn't have apple cider almost

any vinegar is going to work here

or just straight up lemon juice would be

delicious as well so about two


apple cider vinegar usually the ratio

then would be

to add two tablespoons of olive oil so

usually equal parts olive oil and


or lemon juice if it were

that sweetness from the honey is going

to balance that acidity of the

vinegar mustards adding some nice flavor


and to this i am going to just chop up


fresh parsley and that's really going to

bring this

to another level some herbaceousness

and definitely some freshness i have

washed my parsley lip really well

sometimes i don't mind the stems in this


especially towards the tops sometimes


stems at the base are a little more

fibrous and tough

so i can separate out those those kind

of bigger stems

but some of these smaller ones i really

don't mind

i'm going to bunch up my parsley

give this a slice and

you know we're calling for bib lettuce

um today but

really any lettuce that you have is

gonna be

you know up to your preference tiffany

and i talk a lot about your cook's

intuition so if it feels right it looks


you like it there's nobody to tell you

any anything different

um i'm gonna add in my generous amount


chopped parsley real rough chop i didn't

go too crazy

getting it super fine

definitely want to season our

vinaigrette right so

a little fresh pepper who doesn't like a

little freshly cracked black pepper in

their salad

a pinch of salt give that a mix

and now this is going to be ready to

roll when i'm ready to dress my salad so

i don't want to do that

too far ahead of time and

i think we're at a pretty good place now

i'm going to dive

right in to plating

all of my my goodies today

i'm gonna start with my

muffins stuffing muffin love saying that

pretty brilliant you may find that your

your your muffins may stick a little bit

so maybe taking a paring knife

around the outside will help release

those many of our muffin tins these days

are already non-stick

so i've got a cute little again

individual portion it's

nice and crispy on the top but i can see

that it's nice and moist

on the underside really excited for my

friends giving lunch today

so just kind of stacking these up these

reheat really well too once they've been


really easy to pop those right back into

the oven

let's keep it moving i'm going to go

right in

to my squash plating

so i have my yogurt one thing i didn't


little we want to add a little texture

to our squash dish

dish so some lightly toasted pistachios

i've just chopped them up

i'm going to do a little sprinkle of

those on the top any

nut your favorite nut will work great

there or a mixture of seeds

pumpkin seeds would be delicious there

for me i've kind of got a rectangular


if i had a round plate i would just


dollop a generous amount of this yogurt

on the bottom of the plate

and from here we're just going to go


and lay on some of our beautiful

bright i love this orange and red color

that this squash brings to the party

so just kind of i'm not super geometric

i'm just kind of

organically shingling my squash

on here yeah i would encourage you to


try it with the skin on this year if

you're used to doing it without the skin

i'm okay with this dish kind of being

served room temperature i feel like by

the time we all get to the table anyway

um it's gonna not be super piping hot

anyhow which lends itself really well

to the yogurt the cool yogurt

and this leftovers of this straight out

of the fridge are delicious

definitely and to finish off my squash

we're just gonna do a nice sprinkle of

my chopped pistachios that's that kind

of nutty flavor

that we just have a really well


flavor profile on our squash i did have

a little bit of my

my glaze left why not let's just do a

little drizzle

we can be a little dramatic with our

presentation here

and next

let's do the main event

i have my roasted turkey

i do need my cutting board very

advisable to

have a nice sharp knife here

also think about what you want to serve


dishes on so you know it's it's

it's uh it's a holiday let's let's go

bigger go home

i have a nice big kind of platter here

i'm going to start with

my the leg of the turkey this one's a

little trickier to serve

obviously it has the bones in it so if

you can see i've allowed this to nicely


it's still nice and warm even after an


you're probably still in good shape i've

got some really great

resting juices on here this is going to

be super flavorful

addition to what we're doing i've got

the whole leg

similar to how when we butchered if you

can kind of see where the drumstick

meets the thigh i'm going to kind of use

the bone

to hold on to this leg

and kind of just again slow slices

i got right i kind of bent the the joint

back and i could get

right in between it i know i make that

look super easy but it's not as

complicated as you think

a little patience goes a long way here

smells delicious i can tell

um you know i don't have any pink near

the bone here

my my chicken my turkey is fully cooked

and my breast

maybe same thing so that somebody can

get a hold of this wing

let's separate that whole kind of if

you're a chicken

wing aficionado you know the difference

between the drummy

and the flat and

i'm just going to separate out again

kind of following that bone getting in

between the joint where it connects to

the breast

i have the drummy and the flat i'm just

going to cut

right in between that and maybe using a

little bit of force to just separate

that joint

cut right in between you might give that

to the dog but i'll save that

piece for me i love that crispy

skin on that that flat wing

and then the breast really simple it's

all meat here

um my advice is to go across kind of the

skinnier way of the of the turkey

breast um and up to you i'm kind of in

the mood to cut this a little

thicker i find if i cut it nice and

thick i'm retaining a little more of the

juices inside of this

i definitely want a nice sharp knife so

i can get through that

crispy skin so that each piece of the


has a little skin on it when we go to

serve it

and i'm going to just lay that out on my


let's not neglect this

awesome flavorful juice that we have on

our our plate

or on our roasting tray so i'm just

going to drizzle

a little bit of this kind of nicely

has that brown sugar in it so it's

almost like a syrupy

salty sweet spicy


and i am winning

so far i think lastly

i'm just going to mix up my salad and

we'll be

pretty much ready to roll

to the table one thing i didn't do was

i do have some radishes here so a little


and freshness from some radishes is

going to be a great addition to my salad

so i'm just going to give these a slice

if you're familiar with this process i


clean these very well and just cutting

them in half

and i don't mind the tops we're just

going to do a nice

slice on these radishes

a little bright kind of again fresh

spicy flavor here

and i've already cleaned my

lettuces so definitely want to check

those out

sometimes they're hydroponically grown

and they're pretty

pretty clean if you get a whole head of

lettuce just want to check on the roots

of those

or the near the stems of the lettuce

leaves to see if you see any dirt

my advice for cleaning lettuce is to

just submerge it

completely in water let it sit for a

couple minutes that's going to loosen up

any dirt that may be there go back to my

salad bowl here i'm just gonna

throw in my radishes

to just get them starting to marinate

in our mix and our dressing

and i ended up with kind of a mixture of

uh kale radicchio and i also have


so i went a little awol with

what's compared to our recipe but some

i'll i prefer kind of larger leaves if i

can so these radicchio leaves are left

whole if i were using bib lettuce or

butter lettuce

i would definitely keep those as whole

as i could maybe

cutting ripping some of the larger

pieces in half

but you know the next thing the best

tool for the job here

is a is a clean hand i find i'm able to

kind of

actually feel the amount of dressing

that i have coated on this

on this lettuce mix and again this is

kind of the last thing i'm doing

right before i'm ready to serve make

everybody eat their vegetables right

and i'm going to go right to the plate

here kind of starting with some of the

larger leaves

and notice i didn't choose a bowl you

could certainly serve it right in here

but i kind of love the presentation

style of

serving this salad on a plate

and in layers so as i go i'm kind of

fishing out some of those radishes that

sunk to the bottom

and i want to do layers in my salad i

don't want to have all the garnish on

the top

i want to have it mixed throughout

and i know this was quite literally a


course here but i am feeling pretty good

about getting all this

done chef tiffany what do you think

it all looks fantastic nice job chef

thank you and we've we've done this

class a couple of times

um and you know really all of this stuff

can be done in about an hour and a half

a little bit of prep work ahead of time

you know the advice is definitely to to

cure or

season that turkey the day before you're

gonna really reap the benefits of that

thank you chef and i know we've gone

through a lot of things and we've gone

over a little bit but if anyone has any


now is a great time to ask those

questions of chef while we have him

and definitely um you know we're happy


ask those or answer those questions as

they come up as you're cooking along

feel free to send us messages on our

instagram or our facebook

and or through our email which is info

at feast cooking

a feast is spelled fvst and we'd be

happy to answer those questions for you

as well

well bon appetit everyone and happy

thanksgiving and

friendsgiving and enjoy your kind of new

take on thanksgiving meal

thank you all so much we're glad to get

to spend the

the afternoon with you or morning

wherever you are

and uh again thank you for for taking

part in this presentation

thank you


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