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Exploring Food as Medicine

Explore how to nourish your body with the support of a Health Coach.

  • 30 minutes
  • 78 US dollars

More Information About This Class

*what to expect in your wellness coaching session* Welcome to your transformative 30-minute coaching session, "Nourish Your Body: How to Use Food as Medicine," where you'll connect with a seasoned Functional Nutrition Expert and Health and Wellness Coach. In this personalized session, tailored to your unique health goals and current life season, you'll discover the healing power of food and learn practical strategies to nourish your body effectively. Your coach will provide support, accountability, and personalized recommendations, equipping you with the tools and resources needed to implement positive changes in your diet and lifestyle. By the end of the session, you'll feel empowered to make informed choices about your well-being, unlocking the transformative potential of using food as medicine for greater vitality and resilience. *this is perfect for you if* ✨ you're navigating a chronic or acute disease and want to support your health but not sure where to begin ✨ you've navigating a new health condition like insulin resistance, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism or skin conditions like acne and are eager to reclaim your former vitality ✨ you're healthy overall and want to take your health to the next level to support your longevity ✨ you're feeling low-energy and experiencing brain fog and want to increase your overall vitality and energy ✨ you are constantly getting sick and want to strengthen your immune system ✨ you're someone who enjoys food and wants to explore the intersection of food and health *about your health coach* Brit Obenauer, Founder and Creator of Home Ec, is a health and wellness coach and functional nutrition expert. Within Home Ec Health and Wellness Coaching Sessions, Brit weaves personalized nutrition, fitness planning, and stress management into a philosophy that embraces holistic well-being. Brit's coaching style is marked by compassion, guidance, and genuine connection, ensuring a personalized approach that aligns seamlessly with each client's unique lifestyle. Join Brit at Home Ec and embark on a journey to cultivate a life that radiates health, happiness, and the fulfillment of your true potential.

Reschedule + Cancellation Policy

The Client has the option to reschedule a coaching session by providing at least 24 hours' notice to the Coach. Rescheduling requests can be submitted via email. The Coach will make reasonable efforts to accommodate rescheduling requests. However, if the Client fails to provide at least 24 hours' notice for rescheduling, arrives 10 or more minutes late to the scheduled session, or is a no-show for a scheduled session, the Client will forfeit the appointment and will not be eligible for a refund. Instead of imposing a fee, this forfeiture is intended to compensate the Coach for the time reserved for the Client, which cannot be reallocated to other clients on short notice. The Client acknowledges and agrees that there will be no financial penalty imposed in the form of a fee for no-shows or late cancellations. Instead, the Client accepts the policy of forfeiting the appointment without the option for a refund. The Client is responsible for honoring this agreement and acknowledges that the Coach's time is valuable and should be respected. It is expected that the Client will adhere to this policy to maintain a fair and equitable scheduling system for all clients. There are no exceptions to this updated policy.

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