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Chef Dave Brightbard

Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Costa Rica.

Chef Dave was born and raised in Australia. He is well travelled and has lived and worked in multiple countries around the globe giving him a vast array of knowledge with different cultures and cuisines with almost 25 years experience working in restaurants and catering.

Dave’s culinary journey started as a kitchen hand in Whistler, Canada at the age of 19. Then, at 23, he qualified for his commercial cooking certificate at Adelaide’s culinary college in South Australia. Since then, he has held multiple positions: from Head Chef to owning his own food truck.

He has a passion to teach and educate people on how to utilize and prepare healthy meals with top quality produce and how to present the plate in a professional style from the ease and comfort of your own home.

Dave has recently launched a line of probiotic vinegars that are hand made with organic ingredients. These are fermented for 4 months and are full of beneficial enzymes and bacteria. Dave’s passion for fermented foods was initially driven through his recovery process when he battled cancer in 2020. Through holistic treatments, he was able to overcome his medical condition and, in turn, further his passion for healthy and sustainable cooking practices.

Chef Dave Brightbard
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